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Instead of boring screenshots of boring examples here are some screenshots of real world projects made with gnocl.

If you want to see your screenshots here, please send an eMail with a link and a description of your project to Peter G. Baum (


This application was created to manage and analyze the data recorded for research purpose in the Epilepsy Center of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. It needed to interface a complex work context, including a MySQL database, C/C++ softwares for processing, DVD-burning on remote Windows PC, remote processing on a cluster of 15 computers. It was written with Tcl, gnocl and Tcl-sql.

Curtsy of Christophe Jouny, Ph.D.
Epilepsy Reseach Laboratory
Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD (USA)



Eyeball is a server browser for Bigpond's online gaming service GameArena (an online gaming service provided by the largest ISP in Australia) that attempts to emulate the features of the official Windows client COGS. Eyeball is written by Nicholas Brawn.

Screenshots can be found here


PopWash is a simple graphical application to delete messages on a pop3 server without downloading the message bodies.


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