PopWash is a simple graphical application to delete messages on a pop3 server without downloading the message bodies. The mail headers are filtered based on user defined black and white lists and presented in a list where additional manual changes are possible.

PopWash requires Tcl and gnocl.

News and Download

PopWash is distributed as bzip2 compressed tar archive of the source code. It can be decompressed with (GNU) tar xvjf popwash.tar.bz2. Since it is written in pure Tcl (apart from the required gnocl library) it does not have to be compiled.
2004-09-21 Version 0.5

This release supports more than one account. Messages with the same subject are collapsed to improve the survey. Fixes for servers, which send non ASCII characters and for environments with LC_NUMERIC not equal to "C" are also included.

2004-03-22 Version 0.4

This release includes fixes for tcllib newer than 1.3, more and better logging and improved error handling. The GUI does not lock-up on connect on slow lines anymore, scrolling is stopped if a button is clicked in list widget, the deletion flag can be set and removed to several mails at once and additions to the white and black list can be done by right clicking on a message.

2004-01-11 Version 0.3

First officially announced version